The choices you face in planning for your retirement can be complex and confusing. For many people, the most important question is how can i make my money last?

Most people think the answer is good investments but that is only part of it. To build or preserve your retirement lifestyle, you will also need to address issues like:

  • What type of lifestyle do i want?
  • What goals matter the most to me?
  • When can i afford to retire?
  • What are my Centrelink entitlements?
  • How can i reduce my tax bill?
  • How can i maximise my retirement income?

At Johnstone Haines & Fergusson we can help address these issues by providing you with quality financial advice. Our team of experienced financial planners will explore a number of different strategies and develop a financial plan to structure your retirement in a tax effective manner to preserve capital and maximise wealth accumulation whilst also ensuring  

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